success0As humans, we have many commonalities. One certainty is, all want to be successful. This topic takes me back to when I was 12 years old and I was cut from my Junior High basketball team. It was one of my most painful feelings, especially after trying so hard to succeed at what I wanted and failed. However, that event inspired a determination to grow and learn how to manifest success, and help others do the same. I discovered, after much trial and error, failure can be a catalyst toward success. Successful people also create rich daily habits and are responsible for their own version of success because it’s self-defined and multi-faceted.

I get the societal concept of power, prestige, and possession being a distinct motivator, however, could success be about something more? I love the proverb that says, “success is sweet to the soul.” Prov. 13:19. Ask yourself; what role does family, friends, happiness, money, and a life-calling play in success for you? Is this the time for your commitment to daily habits of success and sharing with others? I recently attended a breakfast and Travis Boersma, the CEO of Dutch Brothers Coffee said, “Success is not owned, it is rented every day,” and I totally agree. These three (3) steps I’ve learned from successful people who know:

  1. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE KNOW: Your brain and body is a function of what you feed it so health and vitality are a priority. According to statistics, 76% exercise aerobically 4 days a week for 30 minutes. In addition, 88% read 30 minutes daily as well as 67% watch less than one hour of TV daily. Rest is important for your brain and 89% sleep seven hours each night and 44% start their day three hours before punching the clock.
  2. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE KNOW: Goals are a must, and 81% focus on one major goal and operate from a daily to do list. In addition, 54% have an optimistic approach to life and are solution focused. Concerning finances, they give 10% to worthy causes and 94% save 20% of their income. Successful people know it’s not about luck but daily habits.
  1. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE KNOW: How much healthy relationships matter, which results in 77% lower risk of heart disease. They build strong alliances both personally and professionally and 75% are mentored or coached by influential, successful people. People who seek success help others be successful. Learn more, purchase your copy of “What Every Successful Person Knows” and begin your 30 minutes of reading a day today for your high percentage of successful living.

Carl Casanova, MS.

Written by newvibe



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