The early days of searching to make my imprint on life started with a stint in the U.S. Marines, finishing graduate school, and spending a bit of time in the corporate world.  However, I was still clueless, and had no IMG_20170528_110834574sense of purpose.  In my distress I adapted a thinking pattern that helped. It was: “Do what you love and the money will follow”, “above all, to thine own self be true”, and “follow your bliss”.  I’m humbled and amazed how my life unfolded with a revamped philosophy of life.  I never imagined that this September I would be celebrating 15 years of entrepreneurship, having trained over 2,000 new professional leaders and coaches.  And last month I was in Spain walking a 200 mile pilgrimage, a dream and goal of mine that I’d had for 10 years.  My encouragement as you’re reading this is to make a decision to live life blissfully.

Knowing your bliss is a wonderful thing, however there is a danger in knowing and that is in not following it.  Experiencing bliss is a magnified innate state of fulfillment and heightened joy.  It’s an assurance of belonging and it is never boring.  It feels ever new and expansive.  To know requires a process of soul searching and discovery where your happiness, sense of meaning, and truth converge. I believe the best leaders, teachers, coaches and Influencers of people are those that sought adventure and followed their bliss.  Could becoming a certified professional coach help you to help others embrace their bliss? Check out our next coaching program and do some soul searching of your own.

-Carl Casanova, M.S.

Written by newvibe



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