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Aug 12,2017 - Aug 13,2017    Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

ICF CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL COACH TRAINING - MODULE ONE DATES: Saturday & Sunday, August 12th & 13th  TIME: 9:00am - 6:00pm both days TUITION: $4200.00 (complete 6 month training) - payment plans are available INSTRUCTOR: Carl Casanova, M.S. LOCATION: New Vibe Training Headquarters CORE MODULE OUTLINE Our curriculum features six core modules: Module One: The Philosophy of Coaching (2-day Residential Training) The purpose of module one is to engage in the essential ontological language, as well as deepening awareness of assisting others in their purpose. We practice live coaching with each student and new learning in each unit. This course is designed as an in-depth exploration of the core motivational elements of BEING human and how to coach to make an impact on the world. Module one studies include: • Fundamentals of Philosophy and Psychology • Influence and Partnership / Live Coaching Practice • Understanding Human Behavior / MBTI Assessment • Communication Alliance / Emotional Intelligence Module Two: The Application of Coaching (Four Tele-classes) The purpose of module two is to develop coaching methodologies, skills, and techniques. This course is designed as a rigorous study of the practicalities and effective applications of solutions focus language, positive psychology, and NLP. Students will have on-going practice in the coaching conversation to build confidence in coaching others. Module two studies include: • Communication strategies in coaching • Community building for coaching empowerment • Application of Solutions Focus, Positive Psychology, and NLP • Evaluation of Live coaching session Module Three: One-on-One Coaching (Independent Study with Mentor Coach) The purpose of module three is to broaden self-awareness by enrolling in a coaching relationship. With a professional mentor coach, students will experience a holistic assessment and four coaching sessions. Module three studies include: • Enrolling and establishing the coaching model • Exploring an authentic coaching voice • Coach the Coach (Model Core Program) Module Four: Peer Coaching (Independent Study with Peers as Coach and Client) The purpose of module four is to provide students with a practical learning experience of being a coach and being coached by their classmates. This course is designed to increase each student’s coaching abilities and confidence. Module four studies include: • Practices of language and coaching methodologies • Developing your style and identifying your coaching conversation voice • Giving and receiving feedback for new learning Module Five: Coaching Practicum (Independent Study with Private Clients) The purpose of module five is to provide students with a structured,supervised practicum as an entrance into the real world of professional coaching. This course is designed to give students practical experience and valuable feedback. Students will enroll two clients for two intakes and four sessions each. Module five studies include: • Developing a flow and process with your coaching presence • Support and supervision on the language and methodologies • Structured coaching enrollment with clients Module Six: The Integration of Coaching (2 -day Residential Training) The purpose of module six is to bring all the elements of the program into a cohesive whole. This course is designed to complete each individual’s training,establish foundations for lifelong development, and fully equip students to successfully step out into the world as a certified professional coach. Module six studies include: • Moving into Mastery (ICF Core Competencies) • Coach leadership training and Live coaching evaluation Examination / Graduation The certification course includes a personal mentor coach, course workbook, three course text books and the Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI) assessment for coaches. Textbooks The Solutions Focus; Author Paul Z Jackson & Mark McKergow Falling Awake; Author Dave Ellis What Every Successful Person Knows! ; Author Carl Casanova href="http://http://newvibetraining.com/registra tion/icf-certified-professional-coach-training- module-one/">


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