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Do you feel called to become an entrepreneur, but secretly wonder if you’ve got what it takes to succeed? Worry no more. This course will ensure you’re well-equipped to face the risks and sidestep the pitfalls of the entrepreneurial world. We’ll help you solidify your vision, develop important skills and define the strategies that ensure your business dream can become a lucrative reality.



Without people, you won’t have a business. This course emphasizes building lasting business relationships, creating value and turning that value into sales.



A strong sense of purpose can sustain you during tough times. This course helps you face the truth about being an entrepreneur and create a realistic plan that leads to lasting financial success.



Discover the passion behind your vision and how to use that compelling energy to propel your business forward, overcoming obstacles.

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In our business development course, you will learn how to… make money, save time & wow clients for a lifetime.

ICF Certification

Elevate your credibility through certification. (125 hrs)

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Draw forward the best in yourself and others.


Amplify your happiness with better relationship skills.

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Get your questions answered in live discussions with instructors and peers.

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Entrepreneur Business Development Course

It takes more than passion or a brilliant idea to make it in business. In fact, more than 75% of all new businesses fail in the first few years. That’s why we built this course: to make sure that everyone who dreams of their own business has the mindset, know-how, and strategy to succeed.

In this 7-unit course, we prepare you to start a business and help you build that vital foundation for success. You’ll find out if being an entrepreneur is right for you and the keys to timing your launch. You’ll learn how to market your business to the right audience, the keys to successful selling and how to keep customers coming back, year upon year.

Course Curriculum 

5 Quizzes | 31 Text Docs | 41 PDFs | 8 Audio Lessons
 25.o hrs

  • Introduction — To learn all about you and your vision.
  • Unit 1 — This course unit identifies the character and personality traits best suited for success in business and guides you through self-assessment to a paradigm shift for success.
  • Unit 2 — Is the timing right for you to launch a business? This course establishes a foundation and teaches you the components of business growth in preparation for marketing.
  • Unit 3 — This unit maps out the nuts and bolts infrastructure of your business launch from administrative systems to legal documentation to clean record keeping.
  • Unit 4 — This unit teaches you how to market your business for increased visibility, identify multiple marketing options and gain referrals
  • Unit 5 — Confident selling is key. This unit teaches you strategies to close sales, handle objections and keep clients coming back by providing value.
  • Unit 6 — Entrepreneurs must commit to continual learning. This unit provides relevant resources to keep you growing.
  • Unit 7 — Are you ready to become an entrepreneur? Test your knowledge.

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Professional business coach and instructor

  • Carl Casanova, M.S.

    Carl Casanova, M.S.

    Carl has served for over 20 years in the human development profession – as a certified seminar leader and keynote speaker, mental health therapist, teacher and Executive Professional Coach with Fortune 500 Companies. Carl holds a Master of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology from Oregon State University. Carl is the author of “What Every Successful Person Knows”, “Help I Am Angry”, “Discovering Good Vibrations” and co-author of “Blueprint for Success” with Ken Blanchard and the late Dr. Stephen Covey.

    For Entrepreneurs | Taught by Carl Casanova, MS
    Keynote Speaker | Author | Coach
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