This is an introductory course to the language and methodology of the Professional and Personal
Coaching Industry.  Whether you want to be self employed or integrate new ways of improving your
current career, you will gain a clear picture of the opportunity coaching has for you in working with
people.  Upon completion, you will have the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to decide if
working with people using a coaching approach is the right path for you.

You will learn:

  • The philosophical distinctions of ontological coaching (The Study of BEING)
  • How to apply heart within the 5 Roles of The Coach
  • How to use language to influence change
  • How to understand neuroscience, learning styles, and personality types
  • How to guide individuals in discovering or re-discovering their purpose


Foundations for Coach Leadership is a two-day requisite for the ICF approved Coach Certification Course provided by New Vibe Training.  Students receive 24 ICF approved coach specific training hours (ACSTH) which will be applied to the CORE course for a total of 126 hours.

Cost: $295.00


Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I have to take the Foundations for Coach Leadership (FFCL) course before I enroll in the ICF Approved Certified Professional Coach Training (CORE) course?
No, you do not. Due to courses scheduling and timing, it may be in your favor to begin the CORE and take the FFCL course sometime during the six months you are in the CORE.  It works both ways for the student coaches.

How often do you offer the FFCL Course?
We offer this course 6 times throughout the year.  Scheduling is usually twice per quarter for two full days, Friday and Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm.

Is the FFCL also a stand alone course?
Yes… taking the FFCL does not obligate you to enroll in the CORE class.  You do however, receive 24 hours of ICF approved Certified Coaching Education Units (CCEU’s) which do apply to the CORE Certification course which is 126 total CCEUs.

Foundations for Coach Leadership


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