Business Entrepreneur Development

One million new entrepreneurs start up businesses every year.

With proper guidance and coaching, as well as perseverance, they’re upstarts can flourish.  This course teaches the essential elements of starting and growing a business for professional coaches, counselors, or anyone in a service profession.  Students will acquire a comprehensive plan and a thorough understanding of building and maintaining a successful business.  Learn the foundations of business strategies and development in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

After completing this course you will be able to:

* Implement the 5 P’s of Business Prosperity
* Learn how to birth a business and create growth
* Define a process for clarifying your niche
* Merge success formulas for marketing, prospecting, and selling
* Gain the confidence to take risk and move past your fears

  • After months of research, I kept coming back

    I am more than pleased with my choice.  I’ve found wonderful people, a thorough curriculum, a community of peers, and supportive faculty.  This is definitely time and money well spent.

    Nancy Grant ~ Professional Life Coach