Professional Coach

New Vibe Training, LLC is the original certified coach training school and approved ICF curriculum in the State of Oregon and the Northwest.

Professional Coach Certifications

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We offer a fully approved (ACSTH) Professional Coach Certification program that integrates the philosophy, practical application and professional aspects of coaching. This integration gives the students an empowering application of coaching methodologies such as Positive 


Psychology, Solutions Focus, and NeuroLinguistic Programming to name a few. The modules in the course cater to each student’s learning style, ensuring comprehensive and effective training. Students learn how to be professional communicators. Whether creating an enterprise or using coaching in your place of employment, our courses prepare you to professionally work with people using varied transformational approaches.

There are 3 training programs to choose from
with New Vibe Training.

Foundations for Coach Leadership

This is an introductory course to the language and methodology of the Professional and Personal Coaching Industry.

CORE ICF Coach Certification

The core certification course is an ontological (study of BEING)
curriculum focused on equipping individuals to bring out the best in others.

Business Entrepreneur Development

one million new entrepreneurs start up businesses every year.  With proper guidance and coaching, as well as perseverance, their upstarts can flourish.