If you…

* live with difficult feelings of unworthiness and self doubt
find it difficult to say “no” and keep clear boundaries with yourself and others
are looking for the next level of personal awareness, growth, and success

… then this class is for you!!


Women's Esteem & EmpowermentLow self-esteem can show up in many ways in our lives.  We may be aware that we view and treat ourselves in less than healthy ways.  We may be in relationships that negatively impact our self esteem. We may keep waiting for that “perfect” time in our life when we’ll take risks and take charge of our lives.

This course will provide the knowledge and tools that can be used to empower yourself and those around you.  The classroom environment is designed to be interactive, supportive, insightful, and non-judgmental in our Women’s Esteem & Empowerment courses.  


Total cost for this class is $ 99.00.


Women, get ready to increase self awareness and unleash the amazing potential you hold within!  Empower yourself!



I was deeply troubled with relationship drama.  The Esteem and Empowerment Course really helped me evaluate my true worth and essence.  I recommend every women take this course.
Lisa Anne Thompson
-Graphic Consultant


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