Parenting Teens Training

Parenting takes courage. It is one of the hardest jobs we can do.

In the 1990’s, the primary problems for youth where drug usage and alcoholism, theft, teen pregnancy, suicide, and dropping out of high school.  Today, those problems have increased even more.  This course is designed to inform and empower each parent who understands their responsibility and is willing to invest the necessary time to guide their teen toward success.  This is an 8-hour training on Saturday. Total Cost for this class is:

$169.00 individually and $229.00 as a couple.

You will learn to:

* Identify the teen’s goals and behavior
* Communicate clearly and accurately for effective outcomes
* Understand emotional development with youth (ages 12-18)
* Enhance rapport and encourage self-discipline
* Use natural and logical consequences

Benefits to parents:

* Greater confidence and support in parenting your teen
* Increased observation skills for great connection and awareness of your teen
* Encouragement for parent and teen to live in harmony

“Learning to engage with my teen was my main goal in taking the class.  However,
it seemed every aspect of the course brought me value.”
Jim Lisac
– Executive Director