Being in a couple is more than just blending two people’s lives.  Each
 partner brings
 different thought patterns and behaviors into the relationship, which
can lead
 toCouples Communication Training emotional breakdowns and ongoing friction.  This inspiring and 
 eight hour course teaches partners how to live, respect, and move 
 completeness in their union.  A healthy couple feels safe to grow as 
 because a strong sense of self will foster genuine intimacy within a
couple. It takes two, but every couple can break the crazy cycle of coupling.
 By fulfilling
 your purpose in your partnership, you will become equipped and
 to take on whatever life throws your way…together.  This is an 9 hour
 on Saturday or broken down into 4 weeks.  Total cost for this class is 
$199.00 as a couple.


You will learn:

* 12 mistakes never to make with your life partner
* Steps to build on for improvement
* To understand the deepest core values for men and women
* To understand communication breakthroughs and breakdowns and what to do next
* How to identify the difference between a healthy and toxic intimate relationship
* How to enhance the love between you


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