Family Life Skills

This training will enhance the emotional health of the individual to bring overall wellness to the home as well as the community.

We offer an enriching curriculum of family life skills and conflict resolution courses designed to aid individuals and family in leading more effective, fulfilling and productive lives. Our course curriculum is based on the principle of helping people discover healthy living strategies as well as their contribution to others through wellness and growth. Once you have completed any of our family life courses you have the option of either following up with our one-on-one coaching sessions or six weeks of group development sessions. Each course has it’s specific certification award according to the completion of training hours.

Classes We offer four family life skills classes

Anger Management Training

$175.00/ Person
Anger, if not managed, can run up an expensive tab on your relationships, your career, and your life. Research shows that individuals who acquire the tools and skills to manage anger are more productive, reach deeper levels of love and affection for self and others, and live a longer life.

Couples Communication Training

$199.00/ Couple
Being a couple is more than just blending two people’s lives. Each partner brings different thought patterns and behaviors into the relationship, which can lead to Couples Communication Training emotional breakdowns and ongoing friction.

Parenting Teens Training

$169/ Person $229/ Couple
Parenting takes courage. It is one of the hardest jobs we can do. In the 1990’s, the primary problems for youth were drug usage and alcoholism, theft, teen pregnancy, suicide, and dropping out of high school.

Women’s Esteem & Empowerment

$125.00/ Person
Low self-esteem can show up in many ways in our lives. We may be aware that we view and treat ourselves in less than healthy ways.