Specialized Training and Workshops

We offer continuing education, on-going specialized training, and workshops to equip our entire community.

We offer continued education, on-going specialized trainings and workshops to equip our entire community.  We often bring in accomplished presenters, authors, and speakers who deliver exceptional trainings and tele-classes on various human development topics.  Subject matter varies from communication skill development, money management, the Falling Awake 12 Success Strategies, Somatic Trainings, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certification, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Science, Mediation and many other topics.  Courses come with certificates and some college credits are attainable. 

Check our monthly and yearly schedules often for all the details.

Leader and Manager as Coach

Enhance leadership strategies for managers and team leaders using a coaching language and skillset approach in working with employees. This training has a dual focus: The basics of coaching individuals, staff and customers in the workplace, and leadership development to move from transaction to transformation.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Change is happening. Sometimes, moment by moment. To be successful, companies must be able to address how change will affect the culture and its mission. This is an incredible training on how to manage effective change using the story from the bestselling book, Who Moved My Cheese?, by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Conflict Resolution/Violence in the Workplace

Addressing conflict is a necessary, pro-active leadership skill. This training focuses on developing safety, awareness and learning practical processes/skills for resolving challenges and conflicts. We will also address the topic of violence in the workplace – an increasingly frequent problem. Workplace participants will advance their knowledge, skills and abilities to address anger, conflict and/or violence more comfortably, effectively and efficiently.

Creating a Positive and Diverse Workplace

Application, acknowledgment, and understanding of the value of cultural differences and diversity is essential to a supportive, safe and thriving workplace. This training component generates greater awareness, proactive initiatives, and strengths of cultural influences and the many forms of diversity and how to create a harmonious workplace culture.

Teambuilding and Communication

This training advances staff and leadership development through exploration of building team culture and alignment with mission and values. In addition, this training focuses on crucial conversations, effectiveness in workplace communication and strategic integration for advanced team development.

The 5 Language of Appreciation and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

This training focuses on the importance of employee appreciation and the 5 competencies of how to be emotionally fit for workplace success. Intellectual intelligence helps you get a job; emotional intelligence helps you keeps it. This training covers the basic theory of Emotional Intelligence, including the 5 components of high-performance work environment, and how to create an appreciation culture for daily workplace success.

Addressing Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment of any kind in the workplace is a serious problem. This training includes defining boundaries, delineating the “gray zone” in interpersonal workplace relations, spelling out explicit guidelines, developing appreciation and sensitivity to others’ interpretations of communication/behavior, and legal issues.

Other Professional Services

  • One-On-One Executive Coaching
  • One-On-One Life Coaching
  • One-On-One Anger Management Coaching
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Mastermind Success Groups