In today’s highly competitive job market, we all have to be looking for ways to be the best versions of ourselves.

For over twenty years new vibe training has been providing professional development and coach training services to Fortune 500 executives. We can help you take your career to the next level.


As a leader you need your own coach to help you see your blind spots and develop the skills to fulfill your own developmental plan.

Research shows us that Leaders at the highest levels need someone to walk with them through there journey of leadership. The Harvard Business Review recently said: “we are convinced that more CEOs should connect with mentors rather than assume that theirs is a burden to be shouldered alone.”

Coaching for Leaders

We also offer multi-faceted educational courses that are focused on small business developers, business leaders, employers, and employees to grow and become more efficient, effective, and profitable. We enhance the confidence of the business minded individual and their staff. We also offer customized certifications courses that enable businesses to meet legislative mandates regarding conduct in the workplace.

Resources for Successful Leaders

Listen to what Author and Founder of New Vibe Training has to say to successful leaders:
What Successful People Really Know

Or get the book “What Successful People Really Know” from our bookstore.

In a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review, 71% of CEOs surveyed said “they were certain that company performance had improved” as a result of formal mentoring arrangements.
Read more about this study here.


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