I don’t know about you, but for me, life always seems to be better at the beach.  Try travelling to the same stretch of beach time after time, what you’ll discover is it’s never the same.  The sands are washed away dreamstime_xs_71037528and shifted with the constant sweep of the tide and the waves.  In the grand scheme of things, a day is an incredibly short amount of time, so the face of the beach is changing constantly and quickly.

If we imagine our lives as the beach, coaching is the waves: it changes you.  And then you act as a wave to the world: you change it.  Being a coach to the world could possibly be one of the most empowering movements you could be a part of.  Could this be the right wave to catch for you?

I hear people say “I can’t afford the time or money right now,” but my thought is this: sometimes you just can’t afford not to.  The next coaching CORE (ICF) Certification is next weekend March 4th and 5th!  Call today to enroll and receive your pre-course work and course books, and to get ready for the first module: Philosophy of Coaching.  Seats are going fast!  Don’t be the one who gets washed away.

– Carl Casanova, M.S.

Call (503) 372-6101 or enroll online at newvibetraining.com!


I once heard that Queen Elizabeth (1533-1603) rid the castle of all mirrors because she was getting older and didn’t want to look at herself.  Looking at yourself honestly can be frightening; however, it’s necessary for reaching the next dreamstime_xs_65461715step of your designed purpose.  Ask yourself some important questions as you reflect.  Who am I?  What are my strengths?  What were some highlights from this past year?  What are my new goals for this year?  What do I really want?  Don’t be afraid of reflection.  Moving ahead often requires you to look back first, so really examine the person looking back at you from this reflection.  This is the time to observe, to see what must change, then take courage and change the person you see in the mirror.  Remember this: What you see is what you get, so keep looking and welcome new opportunities to grow and improve.  Here at New Vibe Training we might just be offering those opportunities.  Join us for our upcoming Foundations For Coach Leadership class, then keep up the pace with the Winter CORE Certification course.  These classes present you with a veritable hall of mirrors and we can’t wait to help you reflect and grow.
-Carl Casanova, M.S.


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