How many times have we found ourselves in a “sink or swim” life situation?  Just this past weekend I found myself in deep water; literally.  I was participating in my first triathlon in over two years and the swimming portion of my training preparation had been lacking and I knew it, but I chose to dive in and give it my best anyway.

Halfway through the swim I was totally exhausted and being passed up by many.  I had to think of something quick so in the moment I began to say to myself, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” (yes, from the movie Finding Nemo) and it worked.  With each breath and each stroke and the mantra echoing in my head I began to get my rhythm and find my endurance to complete the swim and speed unto the bike and run.  I wholeheartedly left that triathlon event with several life maturing lessons for me to improve upon.

No doubt every season has its set of challenges; in fact, challenges never go away, they just change.  Consider this, you may be dealing with a health topic and next its money, a parenting issue, career or relationship.  The more strategies you have for solutions, the greater success you will have in life.  It’s the difference between wallowing in deep waters or crossing the finish line.

Apply these three (3) Solution Focus Strategies:

  1. CHANGE YOUR VIEW.  Your view of the challenge is vital and changing it up is the initial step forward.  Ask yourself, what would it be like to see the blessing rather than the curse?  Next time a challenge comes your way, stay calm and think so a smart decision comes forth.
  2. CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE.  What you plant in your head forms into words.  Positive words produce motivation and negative words zap your energy.  To keep going and not quit, focus on positive mantras and an affirmative inner language.
  3. CHANGE YOUR HABITS.  I love the quote that says, “If I would have 50 years of living, I certainly would give 25 years toward preparation.”  Preparation is practice for the unexpected moments.  Create daily, healthy routines that support your goals and enhances positive solutions based living.

Carl Casanova, M.S.


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