I was introduced to a skill called Emotional Intelligence some years ago; however, it seems as I mature in my life purpose I rely more and more on being emotionally intelligent every day.  In fact, recently I ran into a person I once knew.   He had climbed up the corporate ladder to a high level of power, prosperity, and status, and now working at a service station to keep from sleeping under the bridge.  In hearing his story he made a profound statement, “I wish I knew and could have treated people better.”

It is our intellectual growth (IQ) that gets us a job however it is our emotional intelligence (EQ) that keeps us in the job.  I believe if this person obtained the skills of being emotionally intelligent quite possibly his world wouldn’t have crumbled and he would not be living the life he is dreading.  People who practice being emotionally intelligent have a higher level of stability, are responsible, respectful and are respected and successful at home and work.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, to understand, and mange emotions, yours and others.  If you are a leader or work with people it is a vital skill to learn and apply daily.

Here are three recommendations for living highly emotionally intelligent.

  1. HIGH LEVEL OF EQ REQUIRES:  Applying 5 competencies of EQ from Daniel Goleman, which are.  1.) Self-Awareness, 2.) Self-Regulate, 3.) Self-Motivate, 4.) Empathy, 5.) Build Relationships. This is the format for sustaining success both personally and professionally.
  2. HIGH LEVEL OF EQ REQUIRES:  You spend time on the first competency: Self-Awareness.  You get to know yourself and what you want.  You make better decisions when you know yourself.
  3. HIGH LEVEL OF EQ REQUIRES:  Being in touch with the third competency; Empathy.  Caring for others brings forth lasting wellness.  When you think of others your brain expands.  The more you practice (EQ), the more likely you will live a purpose filled life.

Carl Casanova, M.S.


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