One of my favorite motivational gurus Zig Ziglar once revealed his formula for being successful.  It is this: first help enough other people be successful.  Though I love being in the growth profession I didn’t fully understand how that worked when I first heard it.  Then I discovered that the majority of my best clients, students, and associates came from my helping someone else first.  Your commitment to helping others will not go unnoticed, but remember, this is not about you.  Your own genuine passion for life and your desire to helping others grow will become exposed and success will be its outcome.  How can you fall in love with helping others? Here’s a recommendation, three steps that will get you started: learn the coaching language, the coaching skillset, and with that build partnerships for success.  Take our upcoming Foundations For Coach Leadership course to discover ways that you can help others be successful, and open new ways to become successful yourself in our CORE Certification course.

Carl Casanova, M.S.

Many people live under the idea ‘don’t make waves’ – don’t upset the balance and still waters.  But sometimes making waves brings new ideas and new horizons.  Some summers ago I met with a fifteen year olddreamstime_s_66201402 boy upset about going to summer school to catch up on some failed grades.  Recently, I ran into him, now in college.  I asked him about that particular summer and he let me know that he needed that kick at that time in his life, and it opened doors for his future.  It broadened his horizons.  To him, that summer disturbed the calm surface and made waves.  Those waves brought him to new places. Perhaps it’s time to start disturbing the calm surfaces in your life and start making waves for your professional growth.  Could our own version of summer school be the wave you need? Envision yourself as a coach and/or an entrepreneur, or maybe you can bring coaching into your workplace.  Let your first step be our Foundations For Coach Leadership course and see what new horizons you can find.

— Carl Casanova, M.S.

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